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Tabellarische Übersicht GEDCOM-TAGs

TAG: Bedeutung (en): Bedeutung (de): PAF AHN FTW AGES FTMWE WinAhnen EasyTree Ahnen-Chronik PCAHNEN BROSKEEP GFAHNEN Reunion AGF PRO-GEN GENProfi-Stammbaum PARENTELE
ABBR Abbreviation for a name or title
ADDR Address, usually mailing address
ADR1 First line of an address
ADR2 Second line of an address
ADOP Adoption
AFN Ancestral File number (LDS)
AGE Age at time of event
ALIA Alias
ANUL Annulment
ARVL Arrival
AUTH Author of the information
BAPL LDS baptism
BAPM Baptism
BARM Bar Mitzvah
BASM Bas (or Bat) Mitzvah
BIRT Birth
CAST Caste
CAUS Cause of event, such as death
CENS Census
CHIL Child -- natural or adopted
CHR Christening
CHRA Adult Christening
CONC Continue with the previous text; do not leave spaces
CONF Confirmation
CONL LDS Confirmation
CTRY Country (name or code)
DEAT Death
DESC Descendants
DIV Divorce
DIVF Divorce filed
DSCR Physical description of a person, place, or thing
EDUC Education
EMIG Emigration
ENDL Endowment (LDS)
ENGA Engagement
EVEN Event (noteworthy event)
EVENT1-13 _Fa1 through _Fa13 (FTW fact fields in Family Tree Maker)
FCOM First Communion
FOST Foster
GIVN Given name
GRAD Graduation
HUSB Husband
ILLE Illegitimate
IMMI Immigration
INDI Individual
LANG Language
LEGA Legatee
LVG Living
MARB Marriage banns
MARC Marriage contract
MARL Marriage license
MARR Marriage
MARS Marriage settlement
MISC Miscellaneous
NATI Nationality
NATU Naturalization
NICK Nickname
NOTE Additional information
NPFX Name prefix
NSFX Name suffix (Jr. or Sr., for example)
OCCU Occupation
ORDI Ordinance (religious)
ORDL Ordination (LDS)
ORDN Ordination (non-LDS)
PHON Phone number
PLAC Place
POST Postal code
PRIV Private
PROB Probate
RELI Religion (denomination)
RESI Residence
RETI Retirement
SEX Sex (male or female)
SLGC Sealing of a child (LDS)
SLGS Sealing of a spouse (LDS)
SOUR Source
SPFX Surname prefix
SSN Social Security number
STAE State
STIL Stillborn
SUBM Submitter
SURN Surname
TEL Telephone Number
TEMP Temple (LDS)
TITL Title
Persönliche Werkzeuge